Timed services vs product items

Tried searching through the forum but couldn’t find related items. Excuse me if this has been covered.

As many of us sell services as opposed to products and/or a combination of both, can this be added in some way?

Possibly by changing “Qty” to “Hours” and “Unit Price” to “Rate.”

And could a column be added to show the date in which a certain task might have been performed?

Not sure what the best approach would be to solve this or maybe something is already in the works.

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I’m currently working on Time & Billing functionality. The idea is that you can track time and then invoice the amount in work in progress when job is done.

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Not sure whether this falls under this category, but it is in the same lines…

Is it possible to have extra columns on the invoice that we can choose to hide/show depending on the items we sell? I am using the words Hide/Show because I realize not so many people would find them usable. I ran a Travel/Accommodation business and while issuing invoices it would be super if i could have a column for number of Persons and Days. At the moment on Manager we only have: Description - Qty - Unit Price then Amount.

Ideally my invoices usually contain; Description - Unit Price - PAX (Number of people) - Number of Days then all these amount to a grand Total. It would be so helpful as now i would be able to raise an Invoice like below: