Billable time items

Is it possible to create billable time items, similar to sales invoice items, so you can set up different rates for different job types etc. I haven’t found a way to do this. If it is not possible could I suggest it as a wish list item. Thanks.

There is a module you can activate.
Also see

Right now, Billable Time requires you to enter all information on each transaction. You cannot call up types of jobs and get the billing rate. Nor can you assign rates to specific staff members, though you can enter the staff member whose time you are recording.

One thing I do, however, is create sales invoice items for frequent jobs that are fixed price. For example, a bicycle tune-up might be a standard price, regardless of how much time it takes. Or performing annual maintenance on a furnace.

Thanks for the info. I thought as much. I was hoping to be able to have a few preset billable items set up to save me entering and remembering) everything in each time. No big deal, just nice to have.

I too was just recently wishing I could enter billable time with an item code rather than a hourly rate.