Additional columns on invoice (with capability to multiply)

is it possible to add columns on the invoice so as to have rate per hour, days worked total amount…where the system is the one calculating?

Invoice lines have Quantity field and a price field which gives a total = quantity x price

The quantity and price have to be compatible units eg hours worked, rate per hour or kgs sold and price per kg

Is this not sufficient?

@Joe, above is well noted and works for many people. However, if the customer needs clarity i.e x no of people workedno. of days they worked rate=amount. all evident on the invoice without multiplying manually.
any possbility?
Thank you

Right now you cannot. Custom fields don’t interract with anything.

thank you@Davide. Is it something in the offing?

Use the Billable Time module. That is what it is for. Read the Guides:

@Tut, have been going through the guides as advised.
Guides only have hourly rate and rate per hour>>>>
What happens when you need to put no of days worked,no of people who worked and the rate?
Since casual workers are many, billable time when multiplied by no of people may look so big a figure, hence the need to condense to days, especially if you are billing weekly.
Any way out?

The normal procedure would be to make entries for each person. But you can just as easily combine them and enter the number of people in the Description. The calculation is only available on hourly basis, but that is the most common form of billing for time.

The result is going to be the same number whether entering hourly or daily time with appropriate rate.


For our company, we need to clarify to clients the number of nights, days and rate. Are there any future plans to enable the user to add a column like that?

You need to provide more information, @Ngumbi_Kiungu. Are you asking about entering billable time? That is what this topic was addressing.


Not billable time, but we arrange for hotel bookings for our clients now our manual invoices have a column on number of days/nights a client is to stay, column for number of guests and the rate for the room. we cannot make individual lines for each guest because it is normally a group package charge.

Hope this clarifies my issue.

You cannot add additional columns that will be included in calculations. However, you can follow at least three other approaches:

  • Simply put the number of guests into the description field. Use the quantity field for the number of nights. Adjust the unit price to whatever is appropriate for the number of guests. This approach requires nothing special.
  • Add a line-item custom field for sales invoices. Name and use it for the number of guests. That field will be strictly informational. Use the existing quantity field for the number of nights. Again, adjust the unit price to be the nightly price for the number of guests. See this Guide:
  • Create non-inventory items for rates for 1, 2, 3, 4… guests. Name and price them accordingly. Use the quantity field for the number of nights. See this Guide: