Make Billable Time A Line Item on Sales Invoice?

I’m completely new to this software. I’m testing it to see if I want to purchase this or just purchase Quickbooks.

I run a repair business.
I have an inventory of parts
I have a customer database
Each customer is billed a different rate.

I added 1 customer
I added 1 product
I added 1 Tax Code

I made a sales invoice, added 4 of the same item
I tried adding tax but for each of the 4 items I have to click which tax rate I want for each individually (I’m sure i’m missing something, I’m guessing there should be somewhere that I can click once that this customer is at a certain tax rate or the invoice is at a certain rate?)

I added a billable time and it creates a totally separate invoice, which my customers will hate, they want things on one invoice.

I don’t see any option to include Billable time to the sales invoice.
I can always make it an inventory item but that seems like the wrong way to do it.

What am I missing?
I was looking for youtube tutorials or something but due to the name of the program, finding anything online is not possible.


Have you used the “Guides” found here: Guides | Manager
They have a search function that allows you to go to the topic you want help on.

There is not.

No, “it” did nothing. You created a totally separate invoice. After creating an invoice for billable time, you can edit it and add anything you want to that invoice.

Yes, completely wrong.

There are no sanctioned YouTube tutorials. Those that are out there were not prepared by the developer and, so far as I know, are out of date. The program advances very rapidly. Besides, videos are pretty well proven to be almost useless as teaching aids for software, especially when users are in more than 100 countries and use almost 70 languages.

I looked in the billable time invoice and there is no location to add inventory items after hitting edit.

Hourly rate
Time spent
Sales Invoice

Those are the fields. No field to “add inventory item”.
I choose the sales invoice that I had already made with the inventory items and the billable time doesn’t show up on that sales invoice, or vice versa.
Where on that page do you see an option to “add inventory items”?
Is there something in setup I’m missing?

I’m looking to do something very basic.
An invoice that shows:
Item 1 ----- QTY ----- $X.xx
Item 2 ----- QTY ----- $X.xx
Item 3 ----- QTY ----- $X.xx
Billable repair hours ----- QTY ----- $X.xx

Sales Tax: $X.xx
Total Due: $X.xx

Any item with qty I put on the invoice should deduct from the inventory.

It’s annoying you have to choose tax rate separately. There should be an option to either apply X tax rate across the whole invoice or separate it out.

My hope for this program was that it would be better than just keeping track of everything in excel but so far not exactly intuitive.

As far as videos, I guess I’m “special”. I learn better with videos. But I already know I have a disability that makes things more difficult for me, so I can’t expect everyone to cater to what works best for me.

I think what you are looking at is not the invoice, but the billable time entry. This will not be invoiced until you follow the steps outlined in the guide on how to invoice for billable time. Once you have the invoice with the billable time created, you can open it for editing and add lines. In these lines you can then select inventory items.

You can specify default tax rates for inventory items and non-inventory items. Just edit their definitions and check the box labelled Autofill — Tax Code, selecting the appropriate code:
If that doesn’t satisfy your requirements, perhaps you could give an example of where you’re looking to set or change the tax rates in a form?

Screen shots would help us to see where you are in the program, what features you’re using, and where you might be making mistakes.

I also like watching videos to learn. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s a viable option for Manager, as it changes so rapidly that it would take a monumental number of man hours to produce and update the videos to keep up. I’m sure once you’ve spent a bit of time with the guides and the forum you’ll become pretty good at finding the guidance you need.

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Refer in this guide : Invoice billable time | Manager

Here is the flow.

  1. Create “Billable Time”
  2. Go to “Customer” tab and click at amount in “Uninvoiced” column.
  3. Tick or select “Billable Time” and click “New Sales Invoice” button.
  4. Edit this newly created “Sales Invoice” and “Edit”.
  5. Add “Inventory Items” and “Update”.


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