This is an evaluation version only

I installed the free desktop version on my laptop OS win7 . I then can only create a business. All other menu’s are not visable. Shutting down manager and starting the Manager Server and opening local host 8080 with IE I get the following e message “Reminder −This is an evaluation version only. Please purchase a license now, and then enter your product key to continue using the software without this notice.”.

This is very strage because I downloaded the free desktop version, so why purchase a licence? And why isn’t manager working?

Unless something was changed accidentally, I suspect you accidentally downloaded the wrong version. Try deleting the application and reloading it. Be sure you do so from, and not from one of the many 3rd party sites that profess to have the software. (They are generally many months out of date, so who knows what other mistakes they might make.)

If you’ve correctly loaded the desktop version, there is no Manager Server to start, no local host to open, and no need to use Internet Explorer. Also, no key and no license.

Actually desktop edition contains ManagerServer.exe which is a server edition. Simply don’t launch ManagerServer.exe if you don’t want to run server edition.

Not sure what you mean by “all other menu’s are not visible”. Can you show screenshot?

I checked the used version, and it’s the correct one from the official site. Still the problem isn’t over. After using the managerdesktop.exe button, the following image showing. I can create a business, but that’s all. Klicking on the created busines nothing happens.

Update: After deleting and reinstalling the programm at 09.00 local time (GMT +2) , the problem isn’t solved. But I just find out that it is impossible to create a new business and also it is not possible to remove the created one.