I cannot run the programme

hi , im just new here…
i need help… after double click on Manager icon nothing happens or running except this thing

after that i’ve try on comm prompt…but it turn not like others have… no list appear

i have been in this situation almost 3 days…

Can you open directory where Manager is installed and double-click on ManagerServer.exe, what do you see in output window?

i have right-click on manager icon on my desktop then i choose “file location”
but i cannot find any file with " .exe " or i miss something??

anyone have any suggestion…

im stuck:sweat_smile:

Windows is hiding .exe extension on your computer. So just double click on ManagerServer file which is .exe file.

ok… this pop up… still cant run the programme

So, while you have this window running. Open Internet Explorer (not Firefox or Chrome) and navigate to http://localhost:8080 and see what happens. Make sure you navigate to that address from Internet Explorer.

" internet explore cannot display the webpage"…

i copy the link and navigate using IE

OK, how about you try the same URL in Firefox or Chrome?


Can you do the same thing again and instead of http://localhost:8080, try ?

when i am using crome…
as for IE and Mozilla still cant connected to the link…

At this point I suspect this is not really Manager issue.

Can you try to install some other webserver? For example, try: http://fenixwebserver.com/ and see if you get this working.

i have follow the fenix tutorial…but im not computer-man…so end-up with nothing
my friend easily download and use this software…:disappointed_relieved:

Ask this friend to see if he can make it work on your computer. If not, then this is issue with your computer, not with Manager as other software doesn’t work too.

This screenshot is not relevant anymore. You need to get some other web-server such as http://fenixwebserver.com to run on your computer. If you can’t successfully do it, then I can’t help you further.

The error you see now has nothing to do with your original problem. What probably happened is that you have upgraded to the latest version while ignoring the fact Manager was running so installation process could upgrade all the files. Reinstalling should fix the error but it won’t solve your original issue. That’s why you need to try different web-server whether it works on your computer.