Trouble with theme rendering

If I use the PDF print button, although the footer is at the bottom, it folds into several lines (it is supposed to be one line, and there is certainly nothing in the code to cause a line break). Cheers… Richard

Can you post a screen shot of the “folding?”

This is what I see using the internal PDF function. The formatting and colours are also wrong.

This is what I should see (per normal print function), although currently in the wrong place.


This is the code used in the theme:

Cheers… Richard

Your question was moved to its own topic when it became apparent it had nothing to do with the topic on footer placement where you originally posted it.

you do not have to put your text within { }
use the function   for spacing between words.

Ok. Thanks @sharpdrivetek. I just tried that, but the effect in PDF view is the same–the footer still breaks into 5 lines.
Cheers… Richard

I am still getting problems with the print versus PDF buttons when viewing/printing invoices. Apart from the issue of where the footer is placed (discussion moved to another thread), the column widths in the tbody table are different using the PDF view button compared to the screen preview. For example, the Qty column width looks normal in the screen preview (and in the print function for that matter), but takes up almost half the page width when using the PDF view, squeezing the description.

Spaces in the footer are removed causing the text to run together in PDF view. Also, the text in PDF view seems smaller, and the boarders narrower, compared to the Print option (which is correct in all respects except the footer issue). I see the same problem using any of the standard themes (no changes or customization whatsoever).

I am using the Windows 10 (with the last upgrade pushed out by Microsoft a couple of weeks ago). I use the Chrome browser, but it makes no difference if a different browser is set as the default. I use Adobe pdf Reader. Manager is version 17.11.7.

Cheers… Richard

@Gillrich, you are seeing differences causes by rendering in browsers versus PDF generators. Plus, you are seeing the effects of printer drivers that are not a part of Manager. You are also seeing the result of font substitution by the internal PDF generator, which uses the Google Notu fonts to avoid problems with the many alphabets involved with all the different languages Manager is being translated into. So you have to accept the fact that Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application. Many people have been conditioned to expect every application to be so these days. But even the most common, such as Microsoft Word, can look different when displayed or printed on different printers.

It may also help, in your invoice troubleshooting, to remember that themes are not written in HTML/CSS. They are in Liquid, which shares some characteristics, but not all.

I have established the problem with line breaks in the footer (see above) is related to changing the font color. Plain or bolded mono-color text is fine, but …, or any equivalent allowed syntax, to change some of the text, causes the line to break. The break only appears in the PDF view. It does not occur in the preview or when using the Print function (excepting the footer then appears part way down the page). Does anyone have experience in getting around this? Cheers… Richard