Bugs with Custom Themes


Use Smooth Navy for testing as the problem occurs in the builtin themes as well

Put in Business Address in Business Details

Print the Smooth Navy template using print button
Use the PDF Button to save Smooth Navy and then Print

Bug - The address has no spaces so 1428 Elm Street Kansas shows as 1428Elm StreetKansas - I have tried putting in spaces at the end and beginning of each line in Contact Details and testing a sales invoice etc with the template. Same result. But this only happens when using pdf button, not when using print!

Bug - The business address details are right at the bottom of the page when using pdf button but when printing they are underneath the custom field much higher up. So the footer coding is working properly in pdf button, but not working for printing. This may be to do with the fact that html does not know if the page size is a4, a5 etc whereas I assume that when you use pdf button a page size is programaticaly set? So I am not sure if this classifies as a bug, because I am not 100% certain why the footer location is different between printing and pdf.

Bug - Print Margins and pdf button Margins are quite different. Again I presume that this is down to html not know the size of the page?

Bug - The up, down, left and right keys don’t work in custom theme edit mode! Makes it very difficult to move the cursor as you have to use the mouse all the time.

Bug - You can only copy to a new theme from any default theme. The clone button causes an http error! As the Clone and Copy to Button does the exact same thing (Cloning templates), it would make sense to remove one button and make sure that the remaining button works on both builtin themes and custom themes. However, as other templates such as sales invoices have both clone and copy to this may not be desirable if you want to do more than just clone templates in future. But I think it’s important to remove the http error.

No spacing in the address line in the invoice template

This bug was previously fixed. It seems to have reappeared. I will move this topic to the bugs category for this problem. I don’t think the others are bugs. See below.

Because the PDF generator is under program control. Your printer driver is not.

Same answer. Many users need different custom themes for PDF versus printing directly through operating system drivers. Some drivers add padding to avoid printing at the edge of the paper; others do not.

This is related to different behavior under different operating systems and some third-party code. It’s been explained in other topics.

I cannot reproduce this.


Thanks @Tut

I had assumed that printing issues was because html does not know paper size, but I just wanted to report the behaviour in case there was an issue because I am not an html expert.

Ok I will wait to see when the address space issue bug is resolved. The clone new theme bug may only occur on windows. As I don’t have a Mac I can’t test this. But it consistently causes Manager to crash on my computer.


Is there any error message? If so, please post a screen shot of it. If not, please describe what you mean by “crash.” Just the program freeze, does the entire computer freeze, or what?


When I click on Clone template (only applies to default templates - I get that error and I can only close it down and I have to re-open Manager. It doesn’t freeze or anything. But I am calling it a crash because I go back - I can only close it down and then re-open Manager


Yep, same error here when using settings>themes>view and then attempt to clone.
Using right click and back takes you back to the view screen, don’t have to close and re-open.


You using Windows as well?


Yep, Win10 and 19.5.4


Well that will help Lubos. Windows only issue as issue does not occur on Macs. Now If I could just fix my html issue that I raised in my other post that would be brilliant.


This error message will occur if one of built-in themes cloned.
Cloning a theme:

Error message:

Our machine Specs are as below:
OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS 64-bit
Manager: Server Edition