Theme preview not being displayed


I’m brand new to Manager, and I’m playing with themes in my test business file. I’ve also imported the Northwind sample business file.

In both businesses, when I go to Settings > Themes and then click to view a theme (e.g. Smooth Blue), instead of displaying the theme preview (along with the option to copy it to a new theme), it takes me back to the Summary tab view instead. (The ‘Edit’ button works as expected.)

If I create a brand new theme (with no code at all), I do have the option to view it as per the instructions, but I want to start with an existing theme, copy it and make modifications so I can learn how it all works.

I’m pretty sure I’ve followed the instructions in the Guide correctly. Is this a known bug and does anyone know what I can do to get it working so I can create my own custom theme based on an existing built-in theme?

Thank you,


Upgrade to the latest version. That will fix the issue.

Thank you. That now works as expected.