Theme and HTML text

HI. I’m totally new to Manager and accounting in general, but I’m hanging in and being better from day to day.
I have downloaded this system and find it easy to use.
I really like to try making new theme’s, as I want to write invoices in 2 languages, I read that a themes can do that, please help as I have to alter all the text on an invoice.
Where can I find for entering html text in fields, and can’t get that working. Eksempel. I want to capitalise an address field without doing that every single time a make a new customer.

Rather than writing themes, change your language preference. See

The problem you will encounter is that the program is only 86% translated into Danish. But you can help solve that by joining the Danish translation team. Go to

Meanwhile, if you want to create your own themes, consider these points:

  • HTML can be entered in fields. See But this changes content of fields, not labels.
  • To change labels, you need a custom theme. See But themes are written in Liquid, not HTML. You will need to implement substitution filters for every label, title, and heading on every transaction form where you want the translations to be included. (A theme can be applied to every type of transaction form.)

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