Creating invoices in multiple languages

I am looking for a way to create invoices in multiple languages.
I am using Dutch as operating language for the entire program, so the invoices are created in Dutch. I do have customers in other countries as well, and I would need to have an English invoice template too.

I checked the topic “Multiple language invoices” (June 15), but I could not find an identifier in the HTML code that could change the language. Please advise.

Language preference is global; that is, it affects the entire program. If you change it, it will affect all forms. So the way to get an English invoice is to switch preferences temporarily.

By the way, your use of the word template suggests your software might be out of date. Templates were abandoned last year. They have been replaced by themes that modify and unify the look of all forms. See these release notes:

Thanks for your feedback, Tut!
I run the latest software (Manager 17.1.20), so Themes would be the correct word indeed.

Manager advances so rapidly, you are actually 55 versions behind already. But who can keep up? :wink: I updated yesterday, and I’m 5 versions behind myself.