How to make custom themes

Hi, I don’t anything about coding, please tell me where to begin to be able to write codes for making custom themes. What languages do I have to learn.

Start here Customize themes | Manager and Change the look of forms with themes | Manager

I have checked these before posting, the first link refers to liquid computer language. I went to their website, the information is very limited.

If I get a step by step recommendations like learning basic HTML, CSS etc. to be able to have basic understanding of writing code that manager understands.

That’s about 99% of everything that there is to the liquid version used in Manager.

You need those too. But a step by step guide would take years to complete.

If I may suggest, learning everything there is to know in an IT field is a very inefficient method of work – even to study for that matter, since by the time you knew everything, everything would’ve changed by then. It’s like chancing one’s tail: it’s useless.

Instead, you should start with the problem at hand and only learn those skills needed to solve each problem at a time. This way your skills will grow very quickly and most importantly, your skills are more likely to remain relevant.

I would start as recommended by trying to do something and if I hit a dead end, then it’s time to learn something new.

If you know nothing about coding, you should probably hire a local programmer to create themes for you. Most competent web developers can write Liquid.

This is what I need to do but I don’t what is required to solve this problem. Also, is there platform that provides pre-written templetes?

No, but if you follow the link in the Guides mentioned above, there are instructional examples. Liquid was developed for online merchandising sites and is really quite simple.

That’s because Liquid is quite limited.

Given your admitted lack of coding skill, can I ask why you are trying to write a custom theme in the first place? What are you trying to accomplish that you cannot do with built-in features and custom fields? Custom themes should always be the last resort. In fact, they are becoming increasingly unnecessary as more and more features are added to the program.

The invoices & purchase orders in the plain theme are very simple. I want to make it more professional or to make it look good. The glossy black is good, I just want very few minor tweaks in it.

For example; I want the top part (1/3) of the plain theme exactly the same in the glossy black theme, with custom fields on top like in the plain theme. The middle part is perfect in glossy black (2/3). The bottom should be just like the plain theme (3/3).

So basically the code is the same, it just needs some tweaking which I can’t do due to lack of knowledge.

You should consider how much effort and cost this is worth. No supplier cares how fancy your purchase order looks. And by the time you are sending a sales invoice, the goods or services are already sold. Who in your customer’s accounting department are you trying to impress? Probably not anyone who makes the decision to buy from you.

What you describe as custom themes may not be. By default in the Plain theme, custom fields are at the bottom. It sounds like you are describing business details. Regardless, custom fields can be moved to the top by checking a box when the custom field is defined. That checkbox appears after the one to show on printed documents is checked.

Then substitute that code into the Plain theme code.

Then leave that part of the Plain code alone.

Overall, it sounds like you want the Plain theme, but with the main table of line items to have a colored background. Is it worth the trouble, just to make a document more likely to be hard to read if copied?

I have checked the box, the custom field shows on top in the plain theme. However, when I edited an invoice & used the glossy black theme by checking the custom theme box and then updating the invoice. The glossy black theme is applied but the custom field is at the bottom now, which was on top in the plain theme.

What “custom theme” are you referring to? You need to illustrate all this with screen shots.

As you can see the custome field (PO No.123) is on top

I simply edit this Invoice to change the theme

But in glossy black theme the custom field automatically went down to bottom

show custom field on printed documents & show at the top of documents both checked

That option only works for the plain theme

Because of some code right? I just need that code.

@decentboy008, you started by asking for instructions on custom themes. It turns out, though, that you have a real issue, namely that a feature of the program doesn’t work. But the report of malfunctioning is buried under other discussion.

Please start a new thread and illustrate your problem the same way you already did. I will put that into the bugs category so it gets proper attention.

Yes, then decided to with the glossy black theme but it has this bug.


Have you searched the guides for custom field? If you do, it’s explained in this guide, which is indicated as the last search result.

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