Customization of Sale Invoices without HTML/Liquid knowledge

Hi Manager team,

Firstly i would like to really appreciate your team for the lovely program and the time and effort that you guys put behind making it easy and user friendly.

I have started using the desktop version of this software and i really like it.

The only reason i write is that i have absolutely no knowledge of liquid/html coding, so how do i customize the Sale Invoice/Tax Invoice format.
I have created a format in excel.
Need help.

Thanks in advance.

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Your only choice is to hire a programmer locally to customize a theme. Themes must be written in Liquid. Depending on what you’ve created in Excel, your programmer may or may not be able to duplicate it.

why you are not using a basic theme available? its also good.
and for some other customize themes… Look at the bellow link… if you like any theme in that.

but if you need completely customize theme as per your need then hire a programmer locally as @Tut said.

Help required…
How to correct the lines in the custom template made for Invoice (GST India format)? Can someone help me?

This was converted using the inbuilt PDF creator. Rest everything works fine for me and it looks so nice, except for this.

There is no custom theme for the new Indian GST scheme. Any of the themes available from the web site should work. Where did you get the so-called custom theme? Read the Guide: and follow those procedures.

Try This bellow Given… its mainly for line numbers…

And @Tut is also right, that there are no custom theme provided for INDIAN GST by manager.

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Manged to fix to some extent. Please check below post.

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