The "Today" button be available when a calendar is displayed

seem I missing the “today” button in Bank Reconciliation/Inter Account Transfer Form.
Not a big problem but this will make us work easier when copying the old data.
(using in cloud edition)

Receipts & Payments screen

Bank Reconciliation/Inter Account Transfer Form screen

You are not the only one who misses the today button. It very useful especially when cloning a report or a transaction that happened in the distant past. I don’t know if it is under the control of the programmer but it would be nice to have it back. @lubos?


It seems, from the inconsistencies that you can find in the interface from form to form, the @lubos is changing the plugin to set dates.


Yes, another inconsistency that I noted is that date always default to today’s date when left blank.

For example, now you cannot leave the starting date blank on your summary view, otherwise it defaults to today and you get no profit and loss. Instead you have to deliberately pick a beginning date.

I hope that this is only temporary.

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Just a question - if you don’t pick a beginning date then how does Manager know when you want to begin. Anyhow, if you don’t want to enter a beginning date then you can de-select the 0000000 Bug 6

I will add this to Ideas and edit the heading.

Before this last few updates, it used to default to 01/01/0001 which worked fine.

This has been fixed in the latest version (21.3.78). Today button should be visible now.