"Today" option in some reports (e.g., Aged Receivables)

There should be an option to set the date of certain reports to Today so the report is always for the date on which it is run, without having to edit the report. (I don’t mean that I should be able to click Today and today’s date gets filled in. I mean that I should be able to choose Today as the date, and it should remain Today forever, even when the actual date of Today changes.)

This would be particularly useful for Aged Receivables and Aged Payables. To get an A/R report, I currently have to edit my report’s date every time I run it. (I can’t just put a far-in-the-future date like I can for a Balance Sheet, because the receivables’ ages would all be off.) I should just be able to create an A/R report dated Today so that it always runs at the then-current date, without editing.

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This would be handy for balance sheet, too.

Indeed, although the work-around for Balance Sheet is to set the report date to something like 31 Dec 2199. Unless you have future-dated transactions (which you normally should not), that will always reflect the current state of the business when the report is run. Anyway, the same information that appears in a Balance Sheet for the current date is always displayed on the new Summary screen.

The most urgent need here is for this functionality in Aged Receivables (and Aged Payables), now that the A/R display has been removed from the Summary page. :-1: The up-to-date aged receivables summary, which used to be viewable with 0 clicks on the Summary now requires a whopping 7 clicks to get the next-best substitute in a report: Reports > Aged Receivables > New Report (or Edit existing report) > Date field > Today > Update > View. If there were a Today option, it would require 3 clicks to view the report once it’s set up. For something so important for operating a company as a to-the-minute receivables report, minimizing clicks is important. Three is better than seven.

(I’d still like to see the aged receivables summary be shown again under Accounts receivable on the Summary screen, perhaps even hot-linked to the today’s Aged Receivables report. Zero clicks for the summary, one click for the report.)

Indeed. I create a new balance sheet each year for Jan 1 through Dec 31. Gives me the current position. The only downside is that the header is wrong until the last day of the year.

I’ve implemented this feature in the latest version (16.2.23)

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Thank you!