Start date button gone


I can’t find start date button:

I’ve set wrong date and now need to change it - what’s the way of doing it without the button?


Starting balance report also disappeared.

I think the developer is working on that at the moment since he wasn’t content with the starting balance procedures.

Ok, but not ok. Things like this shouldn’t happen. This type surprises are freaking me out since day 1 I’ve found this program (6-7 years ago). I’ve suggested to introduce Stable branch of this program with much slower development cycle, but much less buggy and with much more predictable feature/function set, but my idea wasn’t heard.

Imagine Manager is a car - one day they release version that has no doors, other day it has just one window, then six wheels, few months later you get back normal look of the car and year later you get bunch of experiments again. Constant jumping between beta and stable versions. No surprise some user stick to versions that work for them and don’t update for years.

Stability and predictability - that’s what accountants need.

Anyway, let’s wait for other possible ideas to come.


Do you mean the start date of the displayed data on the summary page?


no, that’s only for dashbord, I need for bracket date for bookkeeping calculations

You are right @Ealfardan, there have been some improvements. There will be an announcement soon.

This is not right I think. If any update should affect the status of the program, should be first announced and the effect explained. On like this now, a client has complained that this has distorted their inventory vis -a vis Vendor’s record. I am still trying to study it to know what actually happened.

How has their inventory been affected?
You haven’t said anything with the statement above.