The text is missing from my invoice when printed

Hi all, I am still having an issue with my printing invoices.
Its only invoices, everything else prints fine. and all looks ok in print preview if tI right click on the window but will not print, I have tried to re install but still the same.
I can publish to PDF and then print but if I print from invoice no text


Right-clicking to perform any function is not a feature of Manager. You did not say what edition of Manager you are using (desktop, server, or cloud). Nor, if using server or cloud, did you say what browser. And you have not specified your operating system.

Right-clicking to see a print preview may be a feature of your operating system or browser, but you should not expect any result from Manager.

If you want to print directly from a Manager view screen, click the Print button. Once you do that, you are using your operating system’s printer driver(s). Only the PDF button does anything that is under Manager’s control.

You also need to clarify just what you mean by “text is missing from my invoice when printed.” Do numbers print? Does a logo print? Does anything happen at all?

More information required

What version of Manager are you using?

What is the print preview? I am using the Desktop version on a Windows PC and I do not get a print preview. When I click Print, I get a printer dialogue to select printer, copies etc but no print preview

Oops, Tut got in ahead of me

OK, more on Windows PC version.

In the view invoice screen, I can right click and then get the windows menu options (because of browser options, I imagine) with options to print and print preview so maybe that’s is happening.

Or it could be something to do with custom themes, maybe

HI Tut, thanks for your reply.
Yes I am aware that the right click is not a function,but I had to try it to see print preview.
I have been trying to print using the print button. but This will only print the frames and logo no text

I am using windows 10 ver: 1809
Manager 18.11.8
Printer is OKI ES8453 MFP Office Printer

The only change I have made to the invoice is to add custom field with contact number and invouce number reminder on the bottom of the invoice

@fintan, you posted the same problem under a different ID two weeks ago. You were asked then to show additional information, but you did not. I am closing this topic. If you want help with your problem, continue the discussion on the other thread so relevant information is in the same place.

As you were previously asked, you need to post screen shots to illustrate this. Otherwise, no one can help. Show an Edit screen, then the View screen, then the result of printing.

HI Tut,

here is edit:

here is the view

and here is the printed invoice

I have tested printer settings from multiple apps and all is working as it should.

Why is the printed showing up in landscape? I bet this is the source of your problem.

hi Joe91
it is in landscape because i had to scan the printed sheet
but even if it was printed in landscape this would not cause missing data fields.

OK< well I have no further ideas, so I’ll leave that to those more competent.

Not doubting your word, but perhaps post the bottom of the edit screen.

To me, it looks like a problem with the interaction between the software and the print drivers on the PC or Mac or whatever you are using

Hi Joe91

thank you for your input, I appreciate it.

@Joe91 is right. Please post a screen shot of the lower portion of the Edit screen—all the way from the Discount checkbox down through the Update and Delete buttons. I don’t actually think that is going to show us anything useful, though.

I suspect this is some kind of rendering issue pertaining to your printer driver and how it interprets the output HTML. I suspect it is printing text in white (in other words, no ink). I think that because the theme builds the table borders simultaneously with text as it loops through the variable arrays. You have all the borders, so it clearly went all the way through the table. The code for both borders and text is literally all in the same line of code for every row. And your spacing is all correct, which also comes from the same code loops.

Do you have a way you can test this by printing on another printer? If this was a Manager bug, others would be complaining loudly.

What operating system are you using?

@Fintan, I have moved relevant content from your parallel thread under another ID to this thread per your request.

Thank you, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Now, please post the requested screen shot of the lower portion of the Edit screen.

here is the screen shot

Thank you. Your latest screen shot confirms you have no custom themes. So that can’t possibly be the problem.

I don’t know why this would have anything to do with your problem, but I notice you have used a very lengthy label for the custom field. Normally, field labels are much shorter. Try editing the label of the custom field under Settings to see if this makes a difference. If it does, there are other ways to put the same information at the bottom of your invoices that will work.