The numbers after the comma looks very long

Please decimal numbers after the decimal comma in bills and others look very long because of the decimal numbers
Is it possible to solve this problem with automatic approximation by the manager?

For example, if the commodity is equal to $ 1/3
It will appear 0.3333333333333
It is best to appear 0.33


Amounts in total column are always rounded to currency decimal places because that is posted to general ledger.

But amounts in unit price column are not rounded because it’s not uncommon to have unit price to 4 decimal places. So basically in this field whatever you enter will be presented on printed document.

The same goes for quantity column. You can have as many decimals as you require in there.

These are not calculated fields. You can always edit the transaction to edit the number so it has desired number of decimals.

Thank you @lubos
I will consider this acceptable, although I will have to activate the Rounding column to make the decimal look few and the total is true