Format of currency fields for whole "dollar" amounts

On input screens, Manager used to show whole “dollar” amounts with the trailing zeros after the decimal point. For example, twenty “dollars” (or any other currency of your choosing) was shown as 20.00; but for a while now it has been shown as just 20 (no trailing zeros). Although it is not a significant issue, I believe that currency-related values should be shown consistently (if 20.53 is shown as 20.53, then 30.00 should be shown as 30.00 not 30). I realise that for some values (e.g. stock costs etc), the number of decimal places after the decimal point may exceed two places (e.g 2.5050 etc), but this issue could be solved by Manager simply accepting ANY (within reason) number of places after the decimal point rather than eliminating zeros entered after the decimal point … so, if a value was entered into a currency-related field as 20.00, it is shown as 20.00 (not 20); if it is entered as 20.0000, it is shown as 20.0000 (not 20) etc.

From a programming point of view, there are some limitations when it comes to how a numerical value is stored in a database or in memory. Usually, it will exclude any trailing zeroes by default, and that’s desirable behaviour.

However, it can be formatted when displayed again on the screen, so it’s not beyond reason to request that it be re-formatted with at least 2 decimal places. (Just don’t expect ‘20.0000’ to remain unchanged.)

That said, I personally disagree with the request:

I just looked at some of my Sales Invoices, and I entered a value of 50.00 and hit save. Upon editing again, it was displayed as 50 in the input field. I actually like this as it makes it very clear that it’s a whole number.

It still shows formatted as “50.00” on the detail (read-only) view, and that’s the main place you’d want it to be formatted anyway. What the customer sees is a formatted amount, to two decimal places.