Number of Digit after Decimal Point

In many case (i.e. Sales or Purchase Invoice), we input unit price up to 6 decimal point to make more precise calculation.

It works fine!
But, in the invoice, it looks bad.

I suggest, regardless of the number of digit after decimal point we input-
The invoice should show only 2 digit after decimal point.


Then how will your supplier be able to confirm the accuracy of your calculation? And how will you be able to verify your purchase invoices against your supplier’s bill?

line items, account: Round adjustment :smiley:

No, you cannot round, because that affects accounts receivable or payable. This is a display preference, not a modification to a transaction that @Abu_Hasan is speaking about.

Oh, you meant the invoice shown and the in listing and journal is not the same if (someone try to match it).
Then @Abu_Hasan should’ve have round it in the beginning before input in manager.

Just for additional clarification from @Abu_Hasan do you meant decimal at line items or by total?

Yes, it’s about line item and display preference.
More specifically, UNIT PRICE box of a line item should display only 2 digit after decimal point in view/print/pdf mode.

well… is doable on lubos side (He may take note of this). Can’t you just round it manually for now as temporary solution or is there any impact in the process that we unaware of?

If you round manually, you will modify the amount for the line item.

Well, for now…I can wait.

Same for entering a % discount.
Sometimes I have to enter a precise % to achieve the end price I want but would prefer that it didn’t show so many digits on the customers invoice.

@Greg_W, are you aware that you can specify an exact amount for discount? See Manager Cloud.

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