The Maximum data size Manager works in server & cloud edition

Any idea what is maximum size of data Manager can work without slowing down in the server and cloud edition.
now i am starting to use the server edition, i have entered only a 5% of my backlog of the year and data is showing 10MB, i have not attached any files to the folder.

this was already answered by @lubos in an earlier post. see below.

@ismail, there are a lot of factors. Also, 10 MB is a lot of data if you are not using attachments. How many transactions do you have across all tabs?

now i have entered 16 customers, 19 suppliers just 41 items, 2 sales offers, 2 sales orders, 5 purchase order, purchase invoice, GR and 5 sales invoice, i have added some expense accounts and cash accounts.

i now added 4 folders 10 excel sheets. Manager still shows round off 10MB.
is there anything should i check for this size

i think there is some other data in your Manager folder. maybe file size of your attachments are more.

I have a lot more data than you have, including 5 backups, a main business and two test business. Still my data size is less than 3MB.

Ofcourse i do not have any attachments.

@ismail, what exactly are you saying is 10MB? Are you referring to your application data folder or a single accounting file?

this screen shot of i took on 11th. wondering why the size is so high for very few entries.

And now after 2 days work + attachments, it shows the same 11,128 KB
so what could be wrong

Are you sure the 11,128KB file is your active data file? Look at the small gray type at the bottom right corner of the window while the business is open. That tells you which data file it is calling.

@tut, yes I knew that gray text in bottom of manager. It is same file. I think this file is corrupted and continuing working with that. @lubas to help here please

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Try making a backup of the business. Then add the backup as a new business. You can rename it later to eliminate the date from the business name. The backup/import process cleans things up and can compress the file.

@ismail in the past, did you add any attachments and then delete those attachments?

You are right. We did attached some PDF in very beginning and then deleted. How will that affect. If I remember correctly after deleting attachment, the file size did not reduce.
So I think you have come across this before and solved it too. please tell me how to correct it.

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I think this is the type of thing my backup/import suggestion accomplishes, among others.

@ismail there is VACUUM command which you can run on any SQLite database to compact it. What it does, it will free all unused space. Right now, unused space in your SQLite database will get eventually used up by new data but your database size won’t grow until there is no unused space left.

I will somehow incorporate VACUUM into Manager so you can shrink database to its minimal possible size. Right now, you’d have to use 3rd-party program to achieve that.

I’m not an expert so my explanation may be imprecise. From what I understand, when you delete something from an SQLite database, the space that was occupied by the deleted item remains as free space in the database. In other words, the database will not shrink after you delete an item from it.

To illustrate, here is the size of a business file:

After I attached a 2MB PDF file the business was:

I then deleted the attachment and the business file did not shrink: There is 2MB of free space in it.

Next I attached a 5MB PDF file. Since there was already 2MB of free space inside the file, only another 3MB was needed to store the attachment:

You can read more about this here: VACUUM

If this is what is happening with your file, then I think only @lubos would be able to re-compact it.

(Sorry, @lubos answered while I was replying)

I thought the VACUUM command was run when making a backup. Apparently I am wrong. So forget my suggestion, @ismail. (Although, it costs nothing to try and there is no risk. If the backup isn’t smaller, just delete it.)

@Tut, I thought it would work too, but when I tried there was no difference:

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Oh, that’s new thing I learnt thanks friends. @lubos, I will google it to download and run this vacuum. Would be safe if you please suggest a link and steps to run it on manager. So it will be useful for forum until as you said incorporating within manager.

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The latest version (17.7.9) will automatically run “VACUUM” upon clicking Backup button.


This is great, I will check it. Thank you so much.
Best Regards

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