Removed Attachments get deleted?

Do those removed attachments get deleted? I tried backing up the database before and after. I don’t see the file size reduced much

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This is due to how SQLite is working. When you delete an attachment, SQLite database doesn’t decrease in size but the space in the database will be allocated to future data (or attachments).

There is VACUUM command which can be run on any SQLite database to manually shrink it.

Dear lubos,

could you kindly advise the Syntax of the VACUUM command line and database file name in command line for VACUUM? is it “business name”.manager?

Having the same problem here

I don’t believe this should be an issue. If I remember correctly, this function now occurs automatically.

I have an issue if the transaction is deleted without deleting the attachment. The file size remains the same, giving me the impression that attachment was not deleted. Any way it can be deleted?

Don’t double-post your questions.

Dear team.

I do not understand how to make my file smaller with Vacuum command. I follow your link but that computer language is not in my accounting vocabulary. Can you please assist?

We uploaded attachments, but when I delete it, the file size remained the same. I want to shrink my Template File, otherwise I have to do all the changes / reports I created/ COA all over again in a new file to get a smaller template file. Otherwise, can I please email my Template file to someone with more computer knowledge who can shrink it for me?

I am on the online package, but I keep backups of my client files, and it will take too much space on my computer and it takes too long to download because it is too big.


@Petrie_Fuls this is old topic. Here is the guide how to shrink your database:

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Oh my. So easy. Thanks a lot. I can’t believe I missed that guide.

Don’t forget there is a Search capability for the Guides: It works quite well. Because it searches the full text of the Guides, it will almost always turn up what you want.