What is the Effect of very large files saved?

Can the number of transaction or number of items, suppliers, customers affect the system performance? I mean if the files become large will the manager program slows down too just like quickbooks?

Look at the install size of Quickbooks (something like 1GB) and Manager - less than 10 MB. My data is currently using less than half a mb and that is for my business accounts and my personal accounts. I expect that Manager works very much like excel - you can have thousands of entries in excel, and they only take up a couple of Mb’s.

Quickbooks is slow because of the sheer size of the program - 1GB, as opposed to Manager which manages an incredible 10MB program size.

I very much doubt that Manager will ever be slow because of volume of data as its not the amount of data in a program that slows the program - (although not always the case) - it is usually how well the program is coded. Considering that Manager offers almost every feature that Quickbooks does at a cost of only 10Mb disk space - I would have to say that manager is extremely well coded.

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Everybody who has so far complained about the speed of Manager due to having a lot of data has had their problem resolved.

If Manager gets slower, I generally look at the use case and optimize the program for that particular use case so the program is fast again.

So don’t be afraid pushing the limits, there are always optimizations I can deploy to fix the issue.

Thanks @lubos