Max size backup

Hi, I am wondering what the max size is of my backup.
At this moment I attach every purchaseorder with an PDF.

This will be about 5000 orders a year.
Can manage this big amount of data?
I use the desktop edition

Why attach PDFs of purchase orders? They are right there in the database and can be viewed or printed whenever necessary. Or are you referring to incoming purchase orders from customers, which would be sales orders to you? If the latter, the sales order would be right there, though I can see why you might want to save the original document.

Manager is using SQLite so the theoretical limit is 140 terabytes. Just for comparison, the largest hard-drive you can currently buy is 16 terabytes.

1 terabyte could fit 10,000,000 attachments at 100 kB each. So yeah, 5,000 attachments is not much.

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@ tut Yes I want to store the original document.
Then I can use manager (also) as quick search

@ Lubos, tnx for the answer.
Manager will be the programm I gonna use