Terms such as COD Net 30 45 60 90 days

I would like to know how can I implement and set up terms for customers and suppliers

Can you please give more info of what you exactly want to do?

I want to have a due date to show on the invoice according to the terms of sale either COD net 30 days or 45 or 60 etc

if I madwe a sale today the due date for the invoice should be Feb 28 for a net 30 days

Thank you, but I think the current Invoice can do that.

since different customer have a different terms is easy to setup terms as customer individually rather than remembering each one of the 100’s of clients and suppliers.
if it can be made in the customer profile that automatically will be transfered to the sales order and invoice as well applies for suppliers the terms they give us

Thank you for your help Kobus I really appreciate your effort to help. I want to move out of QB into something different that doesn’t crash every other day

Try the following: -

  1. Settings
  2. Custom Fields
  3. Customer
  4. New Custom Field
  5. Put a heading in the Label Column
  6. Tick “Show Custom Field as a column”
  7. Tick “Show custom field on printed documents”
  8. Make type “Drop Down list”
  9. Create the Items for the “Drop down List”
  10. COD
  11. 30Days
  12. 60 Days
  13. 90 Days

Thank you so much for your help, everything worked perfect other items if I may ask you is to have a back order column for partial shipment and able to go back to original order to complete when stock arrives from supplier or partial shipment from supplier on PO receiving material for inventory.
How to move the name Invoice Purchase Order etc. to the right side of page I use printed letterheads for invoice and delivery slips.
How can I import my data from QB? inventory is the hardest 1000’s plus
Price list for different customer that apply only to them as part of customer field that they have a price fix by quote.
I thank you in advance for your help and willing to cooperate with you to the improvement to make this software as an alternative to people like me that is tired of the big boys game.

Glad I could help. I am not a developer. Maybe you should involve @lubos with your problem. He is the person who is helping all of us to get an affordable and functional software.