Modifying Theme

I am setting up my business on Manager but didn’t have a logo available so I thought I would mod the theme to put my business name in for now using the standard plain theme as my template. So I added {% else %}{{ }} . This works when you view it but doesn’t work when printing an invoice for example. What have I done wrong?

this depends on what you have actually done with your theme.
not all styles are supported. it will look fine when you view it because Manager is basically a browser.
also please understand this is not a coding forum. if you do not have the skills personally please hire someone locally to do it for you.
you can create a simple jpeg file for your business name and add it to Manager without modifying your theme.

i have done the settings of my Manager and i am using it as well. How can i change the Theme. i tried using the Guide but i cannot change the inbuilt themes as well.
I went to settings and i can find new theme only. I couldnt find form defaults. Need help.
Tried liquid but it’s too complex for me.
i am using Manager 17.11.30
Do i need an update? how can i do it?

Yes, click on your Edition at the top of the Forum home page and follow the instructions.