Cloning payments and payment fees

Incredible job on manager, I love it. There’s a few things though that would make my life easier:

My bank in Japan doesn’t provide any kind of export to small businesses, meaning that I have to enter all expenses by end using the “Spend Money” button. Moreover the bank take a fee on each transaction that I have to enter as a separate entry for each transaction being done, those fees are fixed, based on whether the money is being transfered to another establishment or not.

What would save a lot of time is a way to clone those expenses, allowing me to duplicate and just change the date of each expenses, and when I get a large amount of transactions in the same day, those small fees can just be duplicated for each transaction. Now another thing that would be useful is either a way to reorder entries or a way to enter bank fees directly in the transaction itself so that I can link them together (though in the bank book they are shown as separate entities).

I’ll add Clone button on payments & receipts when I implement View function for this type of transactions.

Regarding bank fees, if you like, you can use Split button on transaction to split the amount across multiple income/expense categories but if your bank fees are shown on your bank statement separately, I don’t recommend this.

For bank reconciliation purposes, it’s better if your transactions recorded in Manager match exactly what is on your bank statement.