Taxable Sales by Customer

Dear @lubos

Can you add a similar report “Taxable Purchases by Supplier” but for Sales by Customer?
Report name: Taxable Sales by Customer.

Thank you.

How would you use such a report? Taxable Purchases by Supplier has been added for technical reasons - to support country-specific functionality.

@lubos in my country created a new law “Ley de Fortalecimiento de las Finanzas Públicas”. In this law VAT appears. I checked Taxable Purchase by Supplier report is very functional to work the new law, but it is important work the part of the tax sales. Is a similar report just that with the sales information.

Thank you.

So what exactly you need to lodge? List of customers and how much you’ve collected per customer or just VAT totals for all customers combined?

@lubos I attached an example.

I didn’t mean how the report should look like. I was wondering what exactly does government require you to report as far as sales to customers go. Is there any government paper form which you need to fill in?

@lubos goverment require an auxiliary with this information. But paper form don’t exist.

So how do you submit this information to government? What exactly do you submit?

@lubos I will get the report with manager software to present to goverment authority.
I need submit the information line to line how the last example.

@lubos is possible or not to add the report?

Thank you.

@gxtsoft What you have provided so far is a description of a report you would like. Such reports are generated in manager by

  1. Copying data from manager into another program, such as a spread sheet program, sorting, summarisation and formatting it as you wish. See
  2. Creating a custom report, see Create custom reports | Manager
  3. or hiring a programmer to create a custom theme, see

For features which maybe useful to a wider audience, Manager is evolving the capability to Import or export localization settings and features which are shared by a community supported GitHub, see (Australian) Group Certificates and custom reports - #24 by lubos and Add localized settings and features | Manager. It is a method of enabling manager to support 250 different countries requirements without dramatically increasing the program support costs. If you would like to see specific support added for a country such as Costa Rica, then hiring a programmer to generate to customisation code and submitting it to the GitHub project for approval by Lubos may well be appreciated by others in your country.

Lubos appears to be doing the customisation for a few of the initial countries himself. If you would like your country to be one of those, then making it easy for him to identify your Governments exact minimum requirement may increase the chance of this happens. Such as finding a taxation form required to be fill out by all business in your country, typically governments publish a pdf version of such forms. If your government mandates electronic submission of such data, then they will have specified exactly what data, what format, what transmission protocol, and what authorisation is required. Identifying a clear versions of this official Government source documentation may increase the chances Lubos including your country as an example.

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I am going to rewrite @gxtsoft simple request as it appears it’s got confused in responses.

Their country has created a new law “Ley de Fortalecimiento de las Finanzas Públicas”.
The Manager “Taxable Purchases by Supplier” report is very functional to work with this law.
Therefore a “Taxable Sales by Customer” report would provide the same to work with this law.
This report would provide the same details as for suppliers but for customers.
There is no prescribed form as the Manager reports would be attachments (auxiliary) as noted by “I will get the reports with Manager software to present to government authority”.

As Manager now has a default Taxable report for Suppliers, can we now have the same default Taxable report for Customers?

I’m aware Costa Rica introduced a Law on strengthening public finances in Nov 2017 / “Ley de Fortalecimiento de las Finanzas Públicas”. This appears to involve business suppliers and customers reporting GST to minimise tax evasion. Their GST appears to be broadly based but has some exceptions for specific industries and products.

I do not doubt gxtsoft believes the report he has requested may help him achieve his reporting requirements. I do not however believe the Costa Rica government has not specified exactly what goods and services must be reported, how the reporting is done, how tax included / excluded are separated, the format and level of detail including trader identifier, date, and possibly service description. In addition is this level of detail required for an audit report or does it need to be supplied monthly / quarterly /yearly by some or every business?

The underlying issue is how widely applicable would the report as shown be. If the government official in the tax department requesting / receiving the report changed, would a different report be required? Do business owners working in a different industries have different reporting requirements?

There is a reason to reference official reporting requirements when generating country specific reports. The intention was to provide some guidance to gxtsoft in maximise the chance Costa Rica becomes one of the 4 of 250 countries with country specific reports generated as examples by Lubos, rather than gxtsoft needing to rely on community development or doing it himself. The same applies of course to users from the other 246 countries.

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@patch, thanks for the repeated sermon but you seem to be mixing up two separate topics: 1) Standard Reporting and 2) Business Localisation and the subpart Report Transformations.

@gxtsoft request was under 1) and your sermons are under 2)

To confirm this I refer you to Manager’s official notification within “Manager Product Updates - June 2019”

A new standard report, Taxable Purchases by Supplier, is available in the Tax Codes category of the Reports tab. (emphasis added)

@gxtsoft request was simply to have a standard report, “Taxable Sales by Customer” also available in the Tax Codes category of the Reports tab.

I will add this to the Ideas Category.

The only reason the standard report, Taxable Purchases by Supplier, was added is because it is the basis of some country-specific report transformations. (That is why they are called transformations—they transform other reports.) These were the technical reasons referred to by @lubos in post #2 above.

The point of the questions about official formats was to ensure that any new standard report would contain necessary information to adequately support a Costa Rican transformation. Further, if required submission information includes anything like a business identification number, that must also be added now as a custom field under Customers. And a Guide will be required to explain the full adoption process.

Yes, but it also appears that the report’s data has benefits to other users (such as gxtsoft) outside report transformations.

Yes, but my reading of their commentary, is that they were simply requesting for a “report” with which to obtain similar data benefits - not a “standard” report for transformation purposes.

Hence their comments:

  • government require an auxiliary with this information. But paper form don’t exist.
  • I will get the report with manager software to present to government authority.

I guess this is the mismatch between digital governments and paper governments.

I suppose if there was a comprehensive custom report generator in Manager that allowed users to design their own reports based on all fields, including user defined fields, then all this debate, disagreement, and verbal jousting wouldn’t be necessary at all.

Effectively. Unfortunately, that complete generator does not exist to make reports.

Dear @lubos

You can check design reports in
Page number one.

Taxable Sales by Supplier already exists in Manager Software, but Taxable Sales by Customer not. In Costa Rica this report is very funtional to work taxes.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Added to the latest version (19.7.47)

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