Tax Transactions Report - Suggestion

On the Tax Transaction Report, it will be better if the following are added

On the sales side: Invoice #
On the purchase side: Purchase Invoice #

Presently only date and the customer name is shown (image attached)


@lubos Hi there, Can you please incorporate this into the report? This is necessary as the Tax department considers Sales Invoice/Purchase Invoice for their computation. It will be very easy then…
Currently we have to export this, then key in the Invoice numbers and then send them as excel sheets, which can be done more professionally if this is incorporated into the report. Kindly look into this…

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What country is this for and what exactly do you need to report to tax department? Do they really want you to submit list of all invoices and tax paid?

Hi Lubos,
This is for India. Since we are registered with the State Government for VAT, we need to do monthly filing wherein we need to mention the Sales and Purchases transactions for each month. Also we need to attached the sales invoices and purchase invoices for this monthly returns filing.
Tax Transaction Report is the one suited for this, provided it has details of Sales Invoice # and Purchase Invoice # (Purchase Invoice # is manually entered when we book them) besides date. Customer name is optional for this report. Please look into this and see if this can be incorporated. Thank you.

But tax transactions report is list of all transactions subject to VAT. Not every transaction is an invoice. Some could be credit notes, debit notes, cash purchases where supplier invoice is not really entered into Manager or even journal entries.

So, if your tax authority requires list of sales invoices and purchase invoices for the period, how do they reconcile it to VAT payable/refundable if you’ve received a refund from supplier or gave refund to customer? Refunds are not invoices but do affect your VAT liability.

Yes, it is a list of all transaction subject to VAT, be it credit or debit. My suggestion was to replace the customer name with the relevant document and its reference, which will be more traceable, by us and the tax authorities.
On clicking the “Tax Payable” link from Summary, we are taken to a window which shows the following details…
Date - Transaction - # - Description - Contact - Amount - Balance

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we can have “Date” (already there), “Transaction” and “#” in the Report rather than the contact details? This should solve the problem, I am referring to…

On an easier note, Tax authorities are not interested in our customer details, but they take the Transaction and its reference under the lens for their records. :smile:

Hope I have cleared myself here…
If our wavelengths are matching, kindly do the needful and help us with changes on this report.
Thank you!

OK, it makes sense now. I’ll add transaction type and reference number (not description due to space constraints).


Thank you very much…

@lubos Is it possible for you to bring this change on the Tax Transaction Report before 10 June? Since this is the second report for this Financial Year 2015-16 (In India, FY is from April to March), it would be great if we can start using it from this month, as it was NIL during April for me. Last date for monthly Tax filing is 10th of every following month.

Hello @lubos, any developments on this topic? Would be better if we can have this. With the limited options, I am still exporting this to excel and sending it for monthly filing.

@lubos Can you please look into this and give us the new report? In the image, CST is Central Sales Tax payable on purchase (Purchase Invoice) and KVAT is Value Added Tax payable on sales (Sales Invoice).

Below are the images of Tax Transaction Report.

  1. Current Report
  2. Suggested Report


I’m discussing this with number of users and it seems like there are many variations what everyone needs. I think the best solution here is to implement custom reports functionality. This way you would select columns you are interested in rather than me implementing many similar reports one-by-one which would make whole Reports tab too crowded with reports you don’t care about.

@Lubos, Excellent!! This could be the best solution. Thanks and appreciate for thinking differently.

Hi, any updates for us on this topic?

Custom reports have been implemented, documentation is still missing though. Ask again next week.

Hi Lubos,

Can you please share the documents on generating customised tax reports.


Hi @lubos,
Any development on this topic? If yes, please share.

@lubos How to use the custom reports? Tax Report as of now is of no use…
We would need the document reference for audit submission…

Hi Lubos, This info of invoice No. on the TAX report will be very useful for Zimbabwe. Also if the supplier VAT# could appear on the report. Maybe this is achievable using custom reports, if so please advise.
Presently I have to pull out every supplier invoice when doing the VAT submission as the above details are required. If it all was collated on one printout it would very much simplify the exercise.

I’m not an accounts person, so really appreciate using Manager.