Purchases Column in Taxable Purchases per Supplier Report

Dear @lubos can you add Purchases Column in Taxable Purchases per Supplier Report?


I attached a picture to example the idea.

The tax authority request it like this. Can you help me?

Thank you.

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Dear @lubos.

What about this request?


To answer both your inquiries, these ideas are on a list with 190 others. Many of those are for ways to get information for which there currently is no approach. Meanwhile, you can easily produce either report you want by exporting the built-in ones and adding one column in a spreadsheet with simple difference calculations.

I also note that you have voted for neither idea.

How can I vote?

Here - but there may be a membership time requirement

Added to the latest version (22.6.20)

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@lubos can you please put “0” in the Tax on Sales column when VAT 0% is used. Our tax authorities want the 0 to be displayed when charging VAT 0% and only accept - when Tax exempt.