Tax payable summary and GST Worksheet missing transactions

Sorry if this has been raised already

I am finding that my Tax Payable Summary is missing a number of early transactions - seems limited to the first quarter I started using manager but is not sequential, i.e. I may see transactions on the first of July, but not the second, then on the 7th they show again - it appears hit and miss.

The invoices show in the system and as paid with their payment date but I cannot find them in the Tax payable summary. My GST calculation worksheet for the affected quarter shows the same issue.

Affects both purchase and sales invoices.

I am using 19.5.65 and recently went through the manual process to enable PAYG payment summary - individual non-business report as I was using an older release. Not sure if this is related to that. It used to be fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you got those reports set to Cash Basis, if yes, then you are only going to see those transactions that have payments received / paid and not transactions where payment have not yet been received / paid.

@Nigel_Matthew, exactly what are you referring to as your “Tax Payable Summary?” There is no report by that name. And the similarly named Tax Summary does not list individual transactions. So it is hard to know what you mean. If you are referring to the Tax Transactions report, understand that you will only see those transactions that actually have a tax code applied to a line item. For example, a sales or purchase invoice would record the taxable transaction. A receipt or payment against an invoice would not.


Thanks for the help.

Yes they are cash based but these transactions are from 2016 so are very old. They have all definitely been paid.

They used to be fine. I have just looked on an older computer running 16.12.39 at an old backup and the GST worksheet for the affected quarter is fine.


Sorry, I meant under the Summary page under Liabilities if I click the Tax Payable hyperlink value where it shows all the tax transactions (Summary/Tax payable).

I have checked a number of the invoices in question and all have a Tax Code applied to them but when I go to Settings - Tax Codes and select the number hyperlink (Settings/Tax Codes/Transactions) they are again missing.The GST calculation worksheet has the same issue.

I have now looked at my receipts and payments and it appears a number no longer have tax codes - as mentioned though all these transactions showed up fine using a previous version so am not sure what happened - there may be little choice but to go through all these receipts/transactions and search for any others that have changed.

Thanks for the help - the tip on the Tax Codes seems to have identified my issue

Looking a bit further, what is also interesting about those transactions though is now the Description, Qty Cleared date and Tax Code fields are blank…

@Nigel_Matthew, your last post raises some additional thoughts:

  • The update all the way from version 16.12.39 may be the issue. At Manager’s pace of development, that version qualifies as really ancient. It is literally thousands of versions old. Updates are intended to upgrade the database structure as necessary for new features, but if you jumped that far, there could be a risk something went awry. Had you updated in smaller steps (more frequently), the problem might not have occurred. Assuming you still have (or can make) a backup from that older version, I would try importing it again to the current version to see what happens. If entries are changed again, I would forward the backup file to @lubos to have him look at the upgrade. I know he has resolved update issues in other cases where very old versions were involved.

  • I wonder whether any of the tax codes involved were custom tax codes rather than in-built. That might have an impact, since custom codes are not picked up on country-specific worksheets. (The worksheet programming does not know about them.) Of course, that would not address disappearance of other data.

  • Are all the affected transactions in cash accounts? Or only in bank accounts? The combination of Cash Transactions and Bank Transactions into a single Receipts & Payments tab might have affected something. Cash transactions, for example, never had the Status field for Pending/Cleared. They were assumed to be cleared.

  • Were the cash/bank accounts involved ever converted to the other type? Early in the days of the conversion feature, data not applicable to the destination type was lost, even if the account was later converted back.

Unfortunately this was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (19.5.74).