Tax payable per tracking code

Would it be possible to have a report of tax payable per tracking code or to have a field in the P&L with the tax payable visible??


First you need to clarify - is the tax payable that you refer to claimable (gets refunded) or is it expensed (not refunded). If claimable, then it’s a BS item so wouldn’t be available as part of any P&L fields.

it is claimable

so how can I make a report out of this or under tax payable see the amounts per tracking code??

Currently that’s not available, but once Custom Reports becomes available - then you may be able.

However, if you arrange your P&L expenses into taxable expense & non-taxable expense groups then from the total of the taxable group you can calculate the tax paid.

the problem is that I cannot have one tax code because as expenses they have multiple ones on the same account

any suggestions

If it is that important to know, create an expense group for each tax code.

There may be useful ideas in the Guide below. But generally, complex taxation is a weakness of Manager’s available reporting.