Tracking codes report

Hi, I know I have asked questions with regards to tracking codes before, but I’m wondering whether it would be possible to have a report that would show me all transactions by tracking code. At the moment you can issue a tracking code exception report. What I want is basically the opposite… I’d like a report that lists all transactions by tracking code. The profit and loss statement is not enough, because I have a lot of purchase invoices which have items that have been capexed and so only show on the balance sheet and not in overheads. I would love to be able to just see everything I’ve entered be it an invoice or a payment, by tracking code, so a tracking code report would be very helpful. Is it possible? Thanks

I have not personally done this, but you should be able to do this with a custom report.

Ok, I have no idea how to use the custom report function, so I’ll see if there are any guides. Thanks