Tax inclusive vs tax exclusive amounts?

I have just joined up to manager.oi and I cant figure out how to have my invoices to be tax inclusive? I cant find the checked boxes that are suggested to be on the top-right corner, can someone please help me.

The tick box is right below the Purchase Order field when a new sales invoice is created. It isn’t in the top-right corner.

Sorry, I mean the invoices that I am sending my customers.

@Nathan, can I suggest that if you can’t see on the Sales Invoice screen the Tax Inclusive tick box under Purchase Order then you haven’t set up your tax codes yet. Go to Settings - Tax Codes and select your country. You shouldn’t be using the withholding tax feature

I was also referring to sales invoices, @Nathan. When I mentioned purchase orders, I was only referring to a field on the sales invoice, the use of which is entirely optional.

I also notice that the image of your sales invoice shows a note that a $200 deposit has already been paid. If so, when that deposit was received, it should have been allocated to Customer credits and the particular customer’s subaccount. When the sales invoice for that customer was created, Manager would have automatically picked up the credit, shown it as having been applied to the invoice, and reduced the balance due accordingly.

@Brucanna thanks your suggestion has fixed the problem.

I have another questions… I have a customer who has already paid, how do I send a paid invoice and get it to show in the balance due is zero?

Just as I said above. Receive the money in a bank or cash account, allocating the receipt to Customer credits and that particular customer’s subaccount. When you raise the sales invoice, the customer credit will automatically be applied. Read the Guides at

I suppose I should also mention that you must create the customer in the Customers tab first.