VATCalculation Inclusive.Exclusive

My Payment Invoices which I created are showing the VAT amount less the VAT at the rate selected. How do I rectify this?


can you please be more clear by providing screenshots? i am confused where you are experiencing the problem

There is no such thing as a Payment Invoice, only purchase invoices and sales invoices. Whichever you are referring to, see the Guide:

If you are referring to payments (not invoices), all amounts are always tax-inclusive. See this Guide:

Thanks for response - refer image below.

The VAT is meant to be at 14% but is actually calculated at 12.28%. How do I correct this?

Many thanks.

Are you trying to calculate VAT on your 5131.42? If so, you should not be checking the box that the total includes tax.

What you have done is 5131.42 including the tax value, and the tax value alone is 630.17

Many thanks sharpdrivetek. How do I uncheck the box?

please read this guide and you will understand.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that the invoice image I posted relates to an expense invoice. The guide relates to a sales invoice so it has not helped me to solve my problem.

what do you mean an expense invoice?
there are only two types of invoices in accounting, a sales invoice and a purchase invoice.

For clarity as people try to answer your questions, tell us what Title actually appears at the top of the form you are talking about. You have used two different and equally invalid descriptions.

By removing the tick - 0000000 Bug 4

@RedSky, the reason I asked about the transaction title is that the solution @sharpdrivetek and @Brucanna are addressing only applies on purchase invoice and sales invoices. Cash payments and receipts have no option for tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive. All such transactions are tax-inclusive only.

i think Cash payments and receipts do not show a line mentioning Includes VAT 14% anyway. So it has to be a sales or purchase invoice @RedSky is confused about.

Yes, they certainly do. Read the Guides. For example: Record a receipt | Manager includes an illustrated example for a receipt.

ok i learned something new today. it does appear when a tax code is selected when making a receipt. thanks.