Tax Column Show

@Joe91 @Tut @lubos

Hi Team,
I update the manager to new version but in invoice show tax column how to remove it.


You use a TAx code. It cannot be removed.

Hi Abeiku,
it is possible to show tax amount instead of vat text show and calculate total with tax in line.

You can show the tax amount inline by checking this box:


But this will not remove the tax code applied for the reason @Abeiku just mentioned.

where this option available to show new layout

At the bottom of the invoice documents. It should be the last checkbox.

Nothing show in mu manager

it is not show in sales invoice but sales quote show tax amount column.

@Furqan_Azam, update your software. The transaction form layouts have been changing very rapidly over the past few days and new standardization is implemented and feedback is received.

@Furqan_Azam what if you have 2 line items. One with VAT and one without VAT. In that case you agree it is essential to show Tax column to indicate for which line item VAT applies to?

Thank a lot Solved many thanks to @Tut @lubos @Abeiku @Ealfardan