Need to Remove Tax column in sales invoice

I am using no tax code (indian system with lumpsump option for tax). But still in sales invoice , tax column generates automatically with no values in rows.
It shows in mutliple line only.
How can i remove it ?
If custom theme requires please guide for code,

your question is not clear.
can you please post screenshots of what you think the problem is?

The tax column shows only if more than one tax code is used on an invoice. The tax code itself is displayed in the column, not the value of the tax. If all items are taxable at the same rate, the column does not show, but the tax code is shown in the totals section, along with the tax amount.

So you have selected tax codes. If no name for the code shows, you may have defined custom tax codes with no names.

No tax code selected still tax colum in sales transactions

@Dhaval_suthar you have shown the View mode of the invoice, what you need to show is the Edit mode.

Injust want to remove TAX colunm , which contains no value…”-“…

are you using any custom themes?
also, provide screenshot of your invoice edit screen.

@Dhaval_suthar, you are clearly using a custom theme. When you do that, you are responsible for its performance. It is displaying the Tax column because whoever wrote the custom theme programmed it that way.

i found the solution, just delete all tax codes in settings option