Show GST (Australia) amount while entering (EDIT Mode) Purchase Invoices

  1. How to see GST amount per line item and total tax while entering Purchase Invoices (EDIT mode)? Currently I can only see tax in VIEW mode.
  2. How to set default tax code to each supplier?

That is correct. You cannot see calculated tax amounts as you enter or edit any transaction form. These are only calculated when you click Create or Update and displayed in View mode.

You cannot. A supplier might sell you items exempt from tax or subject to multiple tax rates based on what the item is. So tax codes can be associated with inventory or non-inventory items, but not with customers or suppliers.

  1. Would be very handy if implemented by developers.

  2. We are in service business with no inventory items therefore this would be handy. We could work around by creating dummy items.

There are other features missing from suppliers like payment default due date (usually EOM) and Payment method.

Can you assign Jobs to purchase invoices?

I’m coming from MYOB and finding few important short comings to start with.

Depending on your purpose, tracking codes may work. Or you can definitely add a custom field.