Edit tax?

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Is there any way that the tax can be edited? Reason is that we are capturing an amount of a slip (not an invoice) but paid from business - some of the items have tax some is tax free (like the bread and milk) but we do not capture every item on the slip, just in general as cleaning products, or consumables. Obviously the tax amount is different on the slip as on our purchase invoice - should I then load every item? Just seem so unnecessary for things that is not part of the inventory.

You need to make sure that the tax amount you enter is correct.

Use two lines, one for the tax free or exempt purchases, one for the taxable purchases

Does your payment slip not give the split?

Unfortunately not. The amounts all “includes tax” and at the bottom it have one amount, so I do not know what is tax free on the slip


A little bit of mathematical calculation will give you the answer

If you know the tax rate, the tax amount and the total, then it is easy to calculate the tax-free and the taxable amount

Jip, just thought there was easier, less time-consuming way to do it…… Thank you. Hard way it is then.


Don’t forget you can enter calculations like 67/0.20 into the fields in a payment transactions for example and manager will calculate the result

Thank you Joe, I am very clueless to all this accounting stuff, manager has made my life so much easier but I feel utterly clueless when I can’t change something.


Then your suppliers may be giving you illegal tax invoices. I know of no tax jurisdiction that does not require indication of which line items on an invoice are subject to which tax. The amounts shown might be inclusive or exclusive of tax, but everywhere I know about the applicable rate must be shown.

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It is not supplier invoices, it is slips from retail stores (pick ‘n pay and checkers)…… Till slips but it is still logged as you paid it with the company card and it is for the company… Normal slips – not supplier invoices.


Even they should have the tax paid and the amounts clearly laid out.

All the more reason the “slips” will have the tax shown. I am not referring to a credit or debit card charge slip, but to the receipt with line items that comes from the cash register. There is no possibility a major chain store would be giving you documentation without this information.

Maybe I just miss something, see attached….


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I do not see any issue. Your example is a tax invoice on which a single rate is shown, which therefore applies to all items on the invoice. If you have non-business items, straight apportionment is appropriate. A better solution would be to segregate your purchases.

Regardless, you have not shown an example where tax applied to individual items is unclear.

If you use a tool like https://vatcalconline.com then you will see that the calculation of VAT 15% included in the total gives the correct amount as per Shoprite receipt, i.e. 111.89:

Absolutely! My VAT calculator shows the same figures