Tagging of bank accounts of family members to have seperate balance sheet


is there a facility to tag bank account as pertaining to 1myself, 2my spouse, 3my daughter and 4my son.

Once i do that the system must give me facility to draw down all type of reports on the basis of the tag; for example my family balance sheet shall be sum of 1 to 4

can this be achieved if i create custom field in the bank account creation. Even if i create, how do i change reporting

This is not possible. But Iā€™m planning to implement proper divisional accounting which will be able to generate balance sheet per division and then consolidated balance sheet for entire business.

The closest you can get at the moment is utilize tracking codes but this will only give you Profit & Loss per tracking code.

Or you can get Bank Account Summary but this will only give you summary of transactions for specific bank account.

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thanks for considering the suggestion.