Can I show current and saving accounts on Balance Sheet report

I’ve got 4 bank accounts defined (2 old ones and in use Current and Saving Accounts.
I’d like to be able to report both in use accounts separately on the Balance Sheet.
Is there a way of doing this please?

Not at this time. Cash at bank is a control account, with subaccounts for individual bank accounts. Only the control account shows on the balance sheet. But custom control accounts are coming. There are several other topics about this if you search the forum.

The current answer is no and I don’t believe the propose custom control accounts will allow you to directly list individual bank/credit cards either, but you will be able to indirectly.

As I understand it the propose custom control accounts will enable you to allocate different bank/credit accounts to different sub control accounts which can then be allocated to different parts of the Balance Sheet, but they will still be using a control account type heading

For example; if you operate on overdrafts from different banks you could point them all to a sub control account called Overdrafts and then have that sub control account listed under Current Liabilities on the Balance Sheet. The same could apply to credit cards.

But to achieve yours and mine ambition, (as the Cash @ Bank is the only TAB (control account) I use in Manager), it would be to allocate each individual bank account to its own sub control account with exactly the same name and then direct them to the balance sheet as it suits.

In my case, I am planning on creating a liabilities group called Credit Cards and then have them individually listed under that. Well that’s what I’m hoping for.