Create Report for One Bank Account Only

Hi there. I have a bank account and a credit card account in my list of bank accounts. When I create reports, I want to be able to see just the P&L or Expense report for the credit card only (and vice-versa for the bank account only.

Is there a way to do this?

If not, can I assign tracking codes to each account/card AND is there a rule or a batch update to change the code automatically. I don’t really fancy changing hundreds of transactions to apply to code.

P&L is not correct report to look at anyway. Not every bank transaction is posted to P&L account and your goal is to see list of all accounts (not just P&L accounts) so the total at the end of the report matches your bank account movement.

Right now, the closest report is Cash Summary but it doesn’t allow to separate by bank account. If that’s implemented, then I think it’s what you are asking for. Correct?

Yes thank you @lubos If I could just separate the bank accounts to see a report for that specific account only instead of credit card and bank account combined that would be perfect.

And how exactly are you going to use such a report? Why is it important for you to see break-down by bank account?

@twilson, a Profit and Loss Statement or Income Statement as it is sometimes called means a certain thing in accounting. It will differ depending on whether you are doing accrual- or cash-based accounting, but it includes all income and expenses recognized (according to the type of accounting) during a defined period, irrespective of where funds came from or went to. A Profit and Loss Statement for an individual bank account or credit card really has no meaning.

If you just want a list of transactions to/from a given account, click on that account’s blue balance figure in the Bank Accounts tab and export it. Import to a spreadsheet and manipulate it as you desire or make any kind of report you wish.

Thanks @tut That might be my best bet.

I want to be able to see all expenses in a given month charged to the Visa. This allows us to see what was charged Vs what was paid with cash out of the bank account.