Family Accounting Software


I am a professional and i use this tool for maintaining accounts for me and my other three family members . Family members are identified using tracking code.

I had tried many paid and open source tools and finally stumbled upon. I have been addict to use this for the last two years as most of entries are from bank account import through qif file.

As per income tax, i require to maintain bank summary. I have multiple account for every person. I download the bank summary of an individual and consolidate it in xls

System give tracking code based p&l and i work out the balance sheet outside using xls. If balance sheet come out on basis of tracking code, it would make the product complete from a family accounting software

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If you treat each person as a division it will help you get the balance sheet.

Tracking codes were replaced by divisions long ago. If you are still using tracking codes, you should update your software.