Empty transaction lines show "Suspense"

i got error after update verson 20.9.57 receipt show extra line with suspense

This occurs because you have used blank transaction lines for graphic layout purposes (apparently to make the receipt fill the page). Blank lines in Manager forms are not just empty spaces. They are individual entries into the general ledger. Because you have no posting account selected, they are thrown into the Suspense account awaiting completion or deletion.

I know this error because of Blank line but use from long time but got error with this Version

A sábado, 19/09/2020, 20:23, Tut via Manager Forum <manager1@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

I do not know how old your prior version was. If you noticed a change, it may be related to introduction of the new general ledger engine in the program several months ago. All I can say is that you are using the program incorrectly, because every blank line you enter becomes a ledger entry in the data file.

Understand that Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application. And it is not meant to be a graphic design tool. It is an accounting program. When you make entries, you are making accounting entries. If you want a different form layout than is provided by available themes, you should write a custom theme.

In addition to what Tut already said, manager allows users to enter transactions even if they don’t know the accounts in order to ease the work for users and nit have the user delay input of documents. While this is a great feature of manager, this shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary.

However, for now it’s better that you classify all suspense entries to accounts. If you can’t do that but you don’t want “suspense” to appear in your documents, you can always fill in the line descriptions and that will show in place of “suspense.”

Hi tut,
Check this old version 20.8.96 and before many old versions I was using the same data, but for the first time having problems with this version, and I am using some extra line on the receipt or sales invoices to better show the print out page, but now I try to use it with single line guide receipt, then my all old receipt shows extra lines of suspense, so how to fix this problem

Yes, your image depicts exactly what @Ealfardan and @Tut have previously told you.

This was a problem for a lot of people (self included) because I had for a few years used a template that had blank lines that I used to complete new invoices. I had a set format and would just load in the template and fill it out. I never thought to remove the lines I didn’t need, and when he changed how he decided to look at it, I ended up having hundreds of zero value suspense entries.

As mentioned, those blank lines did nothing before, but when the engine was changed, it converted those lines into something and since there was no account on the line, it went to suspense. Even if it was zero. I have have found that other software treats blank lines as nothing and wouldn’t do anything with them, especially when the result was/is zero. It is more the fact the developer here decided to do something with those lines that we (and he as well) had previously ignored.

It’s not a bad change, just an inconvenient one.

I don’t subscribe to the thinking that we were using the program wrong, I don’t believe there was a previous instruction about removing blank lines, but that is the attitude around here. You can’t rely on manager not changing how it will look at what you enter. You just need to keep your data entry extremely sanitised, even those blank lines.

You are just going to have to spend a bit of time and go through and remove all those blank lines. It was a real PITA for me, since I had been using the template daily for a number of years. Easy enough though, just go to your summary screen and select the suspense values and start removing them from the original invoices.

thanks for the reply, but it is not possible to remove line per receipt because I have already created more than 500 receipts

It is a PITA, but classifying blank lines into suspense in a huge improvement over unbalanced entries.

That’s a good point, however, when there is a value in the amount, qty or price, you cannot just ignore them because it will yield nonsensical results: either the total will not match the detail, or the document will not match the general ledger entry.

That’s why I believe classifying things into suspense was an improvement otherwise you wouldn’t be able to go back and do this:

Also you have a valid point that people aren’t “using manager wrong” but sometimes an improvement is bound to cause certain workflows (which are not wrong in and of themselves) to yield wrong results under the new setup which is inescapable.

However, maybe lines without any qty, prices or amounts should not be classified.

In case you are adventurous and have good spreadsheet skills, you can backup your business and then use batch update to correct this.

Copy to clipboard and then paste in a spreadsheet.

Create a column at the end (AQ) and name it: Lines.Description, it’s formula should be =Substitute (L2,char(13)&char(10),char(13)&char(10)&".")&"."

Copy the entire column (AQ) and paste it onto itself,
and then cut column (AQ) and paste it over column (L)

This should include a period after every line in the desert which should remove your “suspense.”

Note: simple mistakes in any of the steps could ruin the entire data so do it at your own risk.

A work around maybe to

  • create an account with an name “.”
  • Use find and recode to change the account from blank/suspense to the “.” account
  • in the future do not leave blank lines

That’s even better.

I think this is related issue to some other topic where empty transaction lines are posted to Suspense account even if amount is zero.

The latest version (20.9.61) will ignore these transaction lines and as a side-effect they won’t show on views.

Yes, it is exactly the same thing. That is why I recognized it so easily.

Thank you very much lubo