Suspense Account Balance

Hi Guys !
From last few days there is a balance showing in suspense with once one popup balance in asset side.
Please check and advise.

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@dinesh, your question was moved to the public forum. Hiding it in a personal message reduces your chance of obtaining help.

You need to drill down on the Suspense balance to see what transactions contribute to it. Post screen shots of that. Also, see the Guide: Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager.

@Tut thank you for your help.
but even there is “Good Receipt” is also falling in this list this list. without any balance impact.

@dinesh, show the Edit screen of one of these transactions. You might try the same thing I recommended to @dalacor, too. Make sure the goods receipts are associated with a purchase invoice.

@Tut thank you for your reply !

Please see the edit screen on one transaction in suspense list

even i tried to map it again with invoice but its still in suspense list.

Below one in the edit screen of related invoice.

Please help me get out from those list related to GRN from suspense list.
because now i have more then 6K Transactions are in this list

@dinesh, my first observation is that there are no inventory items on your purchase invoices or goods receipts. Goods receipts are used only for inventory items.

My second observation is that your goods receipts have an Amount field. They should not. Goods receipts record only quantity movements.

My third observations is that your Order number entries contain an unrecognized character. Do you know what this is from?

Altogether, I am wondering if you have a corrupted or illegitimate copy of the program installed. Whether you do or not, yours is out of date. So first, update your software and see what problems remain. Post screen shots of the same things. Next, explain why you are creating goods receipts for services and purchases of things that are not inventory items.

@Tut Thank you for your revert !

Actually we dont use the inventory item section, cos all our purchase is for the our own consumption. like regular supply for the company stationery etc… hence we are a service providing company.

for Second, we are making GRN from PO “By Copy to , New Good receipt” is its providing the amount column automatically.

we also noticed during second process. that un recognized character is coming (as below image)

at the movement we are using the cloud edition 22.7.6 . and we are using this manager cloud edition. since 2017.

Any sudden change like this surprises us. And we feel uncomfortable.
I will be grateful if you can help me step by step to get out from this poser.

Thank You,

Then you should not be generating goods receipts. Goods receipts apply only to inventory items, as I wrote in an earlier post. In fact, the Goods Receipts tab should be disabled, because its only benefit is in tracking inventory items that do not exist in your accounts. Before you can do that, however, you will need to delete every goods receipt in your records.

Going back to your original post, I suspect what happened is that all these errors have been accumulating in your Suspense account, possibly for years. But, because they have no financial impact, the balance of the account was zero. And the program suppresses Suspense unless it has a non-zero balance.

You will notice that the Suspense balance is constant at $20,961.81. That suggests that at some point a financial transaction was entered with an error. If you find the transaction responsible for that debit, the Suspense account may disappear again. However, do not mistake this for correction of your underlying problem. You will only be hiding it.

You may have been misusing the program for years. You may face a decision as to whether it is less work to correct all the past mistakes or start over.

You also did not say whether you have updated your software as I recommended.