Does the manager have a software plan to link the guarantee of devices that are bought and sold under an invoice?

Manager doesn’t sell devices and cannot give guarantees on something they do not sell.

I think alwakeel means does the accounting system support the administration of guarantee for devices they sell or purchase

The answer is no

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How can the warranty data be written on the attached invoice, its copy, and refer back to the need through the manager and determine the warranty period

The best option is to create the description within the Inventory Item itself.

Any future revisions to the warranty policy will then require the Inventory Item description to be manually changed once and any future sales will reflect the updated policy.

As for the expiry date, you can create a Date Custom Field placed in Sales Invoice - Line and/or Receipt - Line.

I would also suggest that a disclaimer of some sort be placed in the footer in order to disclaim any entry errors.

Alternatively, you can just mention that the warranty starts from the date of the invoice/receipt and skip the expiry date altogether.