Warranty column for inventory


I can add a column for warranties in the sales invoice template, but I just wondered if perhaps you would prefer to assign the field for only inventory items. I cannot see warranties being useful for non-inventory items, but virtually any inventory item is likely to require a warranty column. it would also be useful if the program could add the column in the quotes/invoices templates only if the inventory item actually has warranty information attached.


What information would warranty column contain? Number of months the item sold is under warranty? Something else?


well I was thinking of number of years, but perhaps number of months would be more appropriate as some things might be less than one year warranty. But yes, essentially what you said. I could create a custom field for it, but I was just thinking that virtually anything in inventory is likely to have a warranty period, so it makes sense to include it in the program. Thanks


Why not enter warranty information to Description field? The description will automatically populate the invoice when you select inventory item.


I use the SKU Name for the name of the product say Ubiquiti UniFi UAP PRO Wireless N Access Point

I use the Internal Name for the part code say UAP-PRO(UK)

I use the description field for a more detailed description of the product say Single Wireless Access Point. Wireless N 750MB. Dual Band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

For most companies selling goods, they will need a proper description field to describe the product as the product name will not necessarily be sufficient information. I could put the warranty information in the description field along with the description, but it would stand out more in its own column. Thanks