Starting Balance Wrong

I am using Manager cloud version. I have put starting Balance on several suppliers but amount goes to Dr balance automatically. Generally suppliers balance should to go credit. How to fix it? For better understand, please see the picture.

Have you followed the procedure outlined in the guide Set starting balances for suppliers?

The procedure was changed some versions ago - you now enter the outstanding invoices.

The field where you entered these amounts and the column where they are displayed are specifically labelled Available credit. You use it, as the Guide explains, only when you have credit with a supplier.

These are not typical credits as in the usual debit/credit scheme. They are supplier credits. In other words, they are amounts the supplier owes to you or that you have prepaid to a supplier. Therefore, they are debits from your company’s perspective. (The standard accounting terminology in this area can be confusing.) They have the effect of reducing the Accounts payable balance.

Normally, when migrating to Manager from a previous accounting system, you might owe suppliers money. These obligations are, in fact, credits. But they must be entered as unpaid invoices so later payments can be associated with them.