Starting balance

I’m having a problem with the opening balances when adding them as debit or credit
Some suppliers leave with a credit balance, so I can’t add it as a credit

Please read the guide Enter starting balances | Manager

It’s not clear what you mean by leave with a credit balance. However, the process is as follows:

  • For unpaid invoices, you need to enter the starting balance as Purchase Invoice(s). This would result in a credit balance in your books
  • For available supplier credit, you need to enter the starting balance directly in the account of the Supplier. This would result in a debit balance in your books.

For more details refer to the following guide:

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I mean the balance of unpaid invoices to the supplier in the previous year

It sounds like you may be attempting to set up your business from scratch for the new year. That is not how Manager works. Manager is a perpetual system. See the Guide: Close an accounting period | Manager.