Knowing Sales of Products

How do I know the sales for each product?

Are you asking about sales of inventory items? If so, look at the inventory reports available in the Reports tab. If you are asking about non-inventory items, your ability to separate sales depends on how you set up your chart of accounts.

This is screenshot of a invoice.

It may help with your explanation

This screen shot shows that you are not using inventory items. So the only method of segregating sales is to use different income accounts. Set these up under Chart of Accounts under Settings.

But I suspect a business like yours, selling cases of products, should probably be using inventory.

Thank you, this response definitely helped.
But there is one concern, I would still like to see my sales in total.

By using the structures in the COA you can

COA Summary

Explain it more for me.

Do I add Lolly Sales to my income COA?

Yes, go to Settings - COA and on the P&L side click new Group and enter a “name” and under the Group field select “Income”. Then click on new account and enter a “name” and under the Group field select “Income - ‘name’”. Then repeat for each product.

If it is P&L as in Profit and Loss I am not seeing that.

Yes and not seeing it where ?

I was looking in the COA section, well thats what you said.

Where in settings is it?

“Go to Settings - Chart of Accounts and on the P&L side click New Group”

Depending on what tabs you have open, your position of Chart of Account may be different, after clicking on COA you should see on the right hand side

Mine looks like this - but using Desktop Edition 16.5.9, Perhaps the Custom Control Account feature has re-arranged things - will update and check. Meanwhile under Settings do you have a Custom Control Account item which then has a COA item

No I dont have that

Have updated to 16.5.36 and still have the same Setting - COA screen as shown above.
I can see by the Cash Accounts tab that you are also running on a very recent edition, but not the latest.
Why your edition has a different Setting - COA screen, don’t know, thought all editions were the same

Now have Settings - Control Accounts also

@Lexy_Haughton, you have quite an old version, as shown by the fact that your Chart of Accounts page does have Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement headings and lacks the New Group buttons for both. Those on the forum who try to help you generally have much more recent versions. And we have no ability to go backwards. Update your software and the things people suggest will make much more sense.

@Tut, an old version was what I was originally thinking but their screenshot just shows a “Cash Accounts” tab which is only a recent change and their assets are showing both the Cash at Bank & Cash on Hand accounts, which was the case until superseded by Cash & Cash Equivalents.

Unless Manager has gone from having a Cash Accounts tab to having “split” Cash tabs and has now come back to the single Cash Accounts tab. Then we are talking of a very old version